Photo Booth Vs Photocall

More and more couples decide to put a photocall on their wedding. Surely in some of the last ones that you have attended you have taken pictures in one. But … was it photocall or photo booth?

And is that although both terms start with photo, they are not the same.

If you want to know the differences between one and another and how to succeed with any of them, you just have to keep reading …

It is a 3D decor that serves as the setting for the most fun wedding photos. You can have the format of a photomatonic type photo booth or be a stage with decorative elements and / or furniture with a theme or a style according to the general wedding.

The key is that the photo booth does not only consist of a decorative panel, but elements, fixed or mobile, that give it depth.

The secret to success with the photo booth at the wedding is to invite the guests to participate, both for their aesthetics and for the convenience of using it.

Decorate it with photo frames, mirrors, antique doors, hay bales, chairs, armchairs, chaise longues, lamps, fabrics of all kinds, bicycles … The important thing is that it has to do with the style of your wedding. Remember that the decoration can be on the floor … or suspended from the ceiling or the trees.

You can use other more powerful elements like photo booth: old cars convertible, caravans, vans …

If you want it to be photomatonic style, you can prepare a base structure and then close it with cloth, cardboard or light wood; Although if you want a more professional finish, it is advisable to rent one of a commercial type.

The assembly must be safe enough not to cause accidents to the guests. Although you should also be respectful of the place where the wedding is held, so do not use anchors or adhesives that damage the floor or walls in which it is placed; Including gardens and other natural areas. I advise that, before hiring or assembling anything, consult with the person in charge of the space.

It is a flat panel that serves as a background for the informal photos of the guests. In short, it is like the canvas that is placed in any type of event for celebrities to take photos in front of him.

The photocall has become so popular. It is almost essential in weddings, birthdays, communions … even in the Christmas holidays in hotels.

You can customize as much as you want: photos or names of the bride and groom, landscape pictures, drawings, slate finish, with curtains of lights or flowers …

It is very important that the assembly of the structure to support the panel is solid, because the photocall can end up flying in case it is located on the outside or, worse, falling on the guests.

In both cases you can put all kinds of elements for the guests to be characterized. I recommend that all items have to do with the style of the photo booth or photocall and the wedding. If you’ve set up a stage to recreate Marie Antoinette’s dressing table, it does not make sense to wear cowboy hats, mustaches and painted lips. The logical thing would be that the characterization consists of wigs, antifaces with lace, fans …

Keep in mind that both photobooth and photocall need some space to work well, so they should not be located in areas of passage where they can clog. The guests have to be able to stand on stage with ease, while the rest wait. Part of the fun of these scenery is to see what others do, almost more than to take the photo strictly. It is also important that it allows passage to the staff who attends the wedding.

Even if the guests themselves make their photos with a Polaroid or with their mobiles, it tells the photographer that there will be this type of scenario. You can only take some photos or dedicate to a person who is solely responsible for covering the activity in it. In this second case you will be charged an extra, of course.

Be very careful with the DiY. If do-it-yourself and crafts are good (and you have time), go with it; Otherwise, I recommend that you take it to a professional. One thing is to make a flower center or wrap gifts for the guests, other very different is to prepare a 2 x 3 m photocall, to withstand the wind or to lean on him the guests when they carry more than a gin and tonic … or more than two.

Always inform that there will be photo booth or photocall. If the guests do not know there will be one, they will not use it. Discuss it on the wedding website, social networks, invitations, posters in strategic places of space.

Place a chalkboard with the upg you have chosen for the wedding, so guests can share them tagged.